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Don’t you wonder if they will ever slow down,

images bouncing round in your mind,

popcorn maker, dimes in a coke can to ward off grizzlies.

I should get the carpets cleaned. Can you dye Easter eggs alone?

What was it like in Thoreau’s cabin? When will I squeeze time to write?

I walk the arthritic dog out the gate and wonder

if I should weed-wack the rattlesnake grass, then write a poem

for my friend who has just found she has breast cancer.

Is the water leak behind the fireplace growing? An ice shelf

the size of Manhattan has breached in Antarctica,

an elephant with half a trunk survives at the waterhole.

It’s time to fetch the binoculars, wrap in the soft fade

of the Indonesian batik quilt, lounge under the oak

and bathe in its emerald shimmer.

Watch how the Towhees bug hunt,

the Juncos crack open the peanuts

meant for the squirrels.

Thank Danusha Lameris for "Thinking"


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