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Open Sesame

May I walk through this door

from black and white

to meander like Toto in Technicolor,

from the tsunami of trashcans

brimming in discarded winds,

to six inches of sea

on a turquoise atoll,

where birdsong laps fairy houses

gently around my ankles.

May I walk through this door

into a shower of lost valentines,

a downpour of candy hearts into be-mine hands.

May I walk through this door

into the wink of the swan

and float through the tunnel of timelessness.

If the door is locked,

I’ll massage it with both palms,

to open sesame with a soft whisper,

or I'll pick the lock with

braided tomorrows, beeswax and bluebonnets,

while singing sonnets to the hinges.

I will walk through this door,

seal it in yesterdays,

picture frames and lost moonbows.

Published in October 2021 The Poet Magazine Vol. 2 - Adversity


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