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  • Writer's pictureAnne Mitchell

fourteen hours

thick fog morphs soft rain

distant cats yowl mate or fight

voyeur gulls cackle

redhead woodpeckers

hula dance mist off feathers

phone pole grubs beckon

trash truck beeps creep close

green creature sparks feline fear

hide under covers

coffee grinds in cup’s

bottom sign says call in sick

read tarot later

garden therapy

nurse mimosa tree saplings

sweep pine needle piles

curled old ginger cat

naps inside pink jasmine nest

buddha eyes gaze calm

thirsty hummingbird

jade hose dances cobra-like

ruby beak sips drops

whitewash bee box buzz

airport for pollen seekers

royal jelly jars

ochre turns orange

still dusk air sunset aflame

candle stays alight

half moon torchlight beams

beside jupiter mars in garnet

small stars fade to black


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